The goal of this activity is to stir a passion for prayer for the nations in our kids.

Daily Ideas:

  • Learn more facts about the country and the culture

  • Pray for the Kids in the Country Pray for healing in the Nation Pray that they would know Jesus

  • Facetime/Call or message a missionary

  • Find an organization and see if they have any specific needs

  • Make food from the country

  • Watch movies based in the country

  • Take a walk down a road in the country on google earth

  • Make a craft or find coloring sheets from the country

Daily Example:

  • Choose a nation. (Mexico)

  • Prayer time for Mexico.

  • Mid- Morning - Craft Mini pinata made from a cereal box (Pinterest)

  • Lunch - Help make an authentic Mexican recipe

  • Mid-afternoon - Listen to worship in their language

  • Pray for the kids in Mexico

  • Learn facts about Mexico

  • Read our missionaries newsletter

  • Pray for our missionaries in Mexico

  • Evening- Have a family dinner and pray for healing over Mexico

  • Share with family members what you learned

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