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Coloring Sheet 

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 Psalm 32

INSTRUCTIONS: Look up the story in your Bible and encourage the kids to do the same. Read it! Forgiveness is a fancy word that means God helps us when we do wrong. God helps to take away all the bad things in our hearts and God helps us to make better choices the next time.

To be forgiven, we need to confess our sin or tell God about what we’ve done. I know what you’re thinking–doesn’t God already know? Yes, God knows.

But when we confess, we are saying that we also understand what we did is wrong and that we understand that we disobeyed God. We are saying God’s ways are the best ways and we want to obey God. When we do this, God forgives us and forgets we ever sinned! And if God forgets it, we can, too! God not only forgets our sin, but will help us to make better choices the next time!

* Bonus Points: memorize Psalms 32 the whole chapter for 40 points! 


Memory Verse

1st-6th Memorize this for 30  points in our store!

Preschool Memory Verse

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